Supply Chain

We’ve spent seven years developing our US partnership and getting it right.


We have our own truck, used only for transporting organic cattle. Our reliable driver can collect your livestock for you.


We’re Queensland’s only purpose built, organically certified fattening operation. We will fatten your cattle for up to 60 days if needed.


Our cattle are slaughtered at Stanbroke, outside Grantham. We chose Stanbroke because it is a world-class facility. The cattle are treated with care and housed in comfort. They’re processed every Thursday morning, cut into quarters and vacuum-packed Friday. The container is loaded on Friday afternoon and leaves the Port of Brisbane every Friday night.

US distribution

The meat arrives at Lakeside in Philadelphia, a $70 million USD state-of-the-art facility. It’s cut and portioned for distribution and according to demand. All left-over product is ground for the US pattie market.