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Consumers want organic beef. More people are realising that organic certification guarantees clean, humanely-raised animals and they are prepared to pay a premium for it. This is especially true in the United States. Americans love Australian quality, they appreciate our story and they value family business.

We’ve spent seven years building the Clayton’s Organic brand in the States and we’re looking for new suppliers to join the Clayton’s family.

We’re not a seasonal enterprise – we’re looking for supply 12 months a year, exporting weekly.

If you join us, you join a recognised and popular brand with solid export foundations and a well-planned supply chain.


Our US customers are looking for high-quality, USDA-certified meat. We are keen to talk to certified organic beef producers who want to benefit from our established supply-chain. If you aren’t organic yet, we will share our experience and support you through the organic certification process.


At the moment, organic beef supply is outstripping organic feed. That means there’s an opportunity. No organic feed = no organic cattle! Although we grow our own organic grains we’re always on the lookout for organic feed suppliers.

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